By Tara | Williamstadt House, Ireland

Meet our Fall 2018 cover dogs.

Not only did I discover my own Irish ancestry, but I learned that the Greyhounds had an honorable heritage, noble history, and were prized by the ancient Celts. However, times have changed. Today, there are so many hounds looking for their forever homes.

We were so happy to be able to visit three Greyhound sanctuaries during our visit to Ireland. We look forward to introducing you to all the friends we made, but for now, we would like you to meet our five Fall cover dogs; The Greys of Avalon.

Tara Cummins with Greyhound in Ireland

Photo by Eva Quirbach

Cummins family with Avalon Greyhounds in Ireland

Photo by Eva Quirbach

Tara Cummins with greyhounds at Williamstadt House Ireland

Photo by Eva Quirbach

Meet The Greys Of Avalon


Alban is the gentle, white male of six years. He’s sweet, loving, loves cuddles, and lives to play with his friends.


Browny is a three-year-old male. He is very laid back, undemanding, very calm, and loves people and other dogs.


Corona is a very friendly and confident girl. She’s very well behaved and loved by other dogs and humans alike because of her sweet and affectionate nature.


Josepha is a four-year-old female. She’s outgoing and confident as well as a great ambassador for her breed. So calm and friendly with everyone.

My Lord

My Lord is a four-year-old male. He’s very well behaved, loves attention, and enjoys a game of football.


These five beauties are available for adoption. For more information, visit

Tara and Sean Cummins with greyhounds at Williamstadt House

Photo by Eva Quirbach

Tara Cummins with greyhound Corona

Photo by Eva Quirbach

Tara Cummins with Greyhound in Ireland

Photo by Eva Quirbach

Greyhound Rescue


Know of any wonderful Greyhound rescue groups, or are you interested in your own Greyhound adoption? Let us know! We look forward to collaborating with all Greyhound lovers.

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Post Credits

Greyhounds: Avalon Pro Animale
Photography: Quirbach Photography
Hair and Makeup: Catherine Hickey
Location: Williamstadt House, Ireland

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