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What’s In A Name

By Tara | Willow Camp Estate, Stinson Beach, CA

Founder, Tara Cummins, reveals the Greyhound that inspired the brand.

Growing up in a house that always had a rescue dog (along with some other critters), it’s no wonder that I have always been an animal lover. We had many small dogs, usually a Poodle or Pomeranian, but for years my mom had an interest in adopting a Greyhound. Then, on a rainy December morning, we were introduced to a handsome fawn that would soon become part of our family.

I had never seen a Greyhound before our beloved Jett entered our lives. I was thirteen years old and I can still recall the day I first met him. Tall, lean, and built for speed. His left ear was slightly crooked, but what made me giggle was how much he resembled a deer! He had an elegant prance and his strength showed not only in his powerful chest and legs but in his calm demeanor and light heart. There were noticeably large scars running down his hind legs and from that point on I knew he had a story – a story I wanted to know more about. Little did I know, Jett would become the inspiration behind my future entrepreneurial ventures.

Ever since then, the beautiful sighthounds have invoked in me a strong philanthropic drive. I want to reawaken the souls of the invaluable hunting partner and treasured companion. May they be seen once again for their gallantry, loyalty, and natural beauty. It is not their speed that enchants me but their grace and poise. There is a timelessness to them and their sophistication parallels that in which I wish to emulate.

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The inspiration behind the brand

Jett the greyhound

Tara Cummins with her greyhound Jett
Jett the greyhound is the inspiration behind Teryn Grey

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Photo by Hillary Jeanne Photography


Photo by Hillary Jeanne Photography


Photo by Hillary Jeanne Photography


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