Tara Cummins with Jeep in Aspen, Colorado for Teryn Grey


By Tara | Independence Pass, Aspen, Co

When adventure calls…

For most, it evokes nostalgia. For some, it promises new beginnings. For others, it inspires adventure. There’s a certain sense of freedom that comes from hitting the open road. When planned right, there is no itinerary, no time restraints, and nowhere to be. It’s a moment for discovery.

There are some amazing roads out there. Untouched territory, serene landscapes, and hidden gems are still waiting to be discovered. While air travel is great for getting from point A to point B, there’s a lot to see and experience that only comes from taking the roads less traveled. Now that we are officially into Fall, October always reawakens our adventurous side. Perhaps, it’s because there’s still a longing for Summer when days were carefree and casual. And perhaps, it’s because it’s our last opportunity to get outside before the countdown to Winter begins.

Tara Cummins with Jeep in Aspen, Colorado

Tara Cummins with Jeep in Aspen, Colorado

Teryn Grey Jeep in Aspen, Colorado

What To Take

elevate your road trip experience with these luxe essentials

To end our Summer this year, we packed up our Jeep and hit the road. Our destination: Aspen, Colorado. As we passed by National Parks, endured the unexpected weather, and marveled at spectacular vistas, there was something for all the senses. That’s the thing about road trips – they gently nudge you to explore outside your comfort zone and take in the scenes around you. If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself living in the moment. 

Tara Cummins in Jeep Aspen, Colorado

Teryn Grey Jeep in Aspen, Colorado


As we have mentioned before, Aspen is impressive in many ways. The small mountain town offers a lot to do and see. Driving the steep, narrow Independence Pass will surely keep the sense of adventure alive during a trip to the Rocky Mountains. This scenic stretch hugs the Roaring Fork River and passes over the Continental Divide. It’s actually the highest paved pass in North America. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to hike the many trails, discover The Grottos, and explore an old ghost town. Access to Independence Pass is dependent on weather and generally open from May through October.

Other scenic drives on our list include: Pacific Coast Highway, Blue Ridge Parkway, Beartooth Highway

We hope to hit the road again soon. Whether it’s another week-long getaway or a scenic weekend drive, we’re planning to put our Jeep into four-wheel drive to venture off the beaten path. How will you keep the spirit of adventure alive this season?

Tara Cummins in Jeep in Aspen, Colorado

Tara Cummins with Jeep Aspen, Colorado

Tara Cummins with Jeep in Aspen, Colorado

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Location: Independence Pass, Aspen, Co

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