Teryn Grey Sweden photoshoot with greyhounds for featured image


By Tara | Gothenburg, Sweden

In my search to find like-minded individuals, I found myself traveling over 5,000 miles to the beautiful Nordic country of Sweden to collaborate with a highly renowned and greatly admired fashion photographer (Eva Quirbach) and five brilliant Greyhounds.

I met up with my new friends in Gothenburg where the greenery is abundant in this charming city. It’s seeped in tradition with it’s old world architecture, preserved 19th century wooden houses, cobbled streets, and majestic city doors. It remains authentically Scandinavian. While hanging with the locals, there’s certainly no shortage of friendliness in this amazing place.

Since the Greyhounds are very dear to my heart, I wanted to show you what happens when fashion meets hounds. An elegant dance ensues between a stylish breed and an equally charming city, and a girl from Santa Barbara who is merely trying to keep up.

Elegance is timeless, my friends, and I believe it’s captured in these exquisite photos of this ancient and regal breed of canine who has a story to tell, as well as this amazing city called Gothenburg. These are the things that inspire me. I hope they inspire you too!


Photo by Eva Quirbach


Photo by Eva Quirbach

Meet the Photographer

Eva has always had a strong connection with dogs, attracting even the most timid dogs into her welcoming arms – much to the owners amazement. Growing up, all she wanted was her own dog so it was no surprise that once she had her own apartment she welcomed her first pup into the family, Scheref, a Saluki from Iran. “It was love at first sight.” It took some time after Scheref departed to finally think about getting another dog. That’s when Eva was introduced to her first Galgo – a Spanish Greyhound. It was horrifying to learn about the cruel fate that the Galgos suffer in Spain. Since then, Eva has rescued four Galgas – Fifi, Havana, Milou, and Suki. She has dedicated her life to making them happy and compensating for their gruesome past. She also supports several dog shelters in Spain and spreads awareness everywhere she goes.


Photo by Eva Quirbach


Photo by Eva Quirbach

Meet the Greyhounds

The real models for the day were these five beautiful Greyhounds. They were all rescued in Ireland by Eva’s good friend Ulla.

Ely was thrown out of a car onto a highway where he was left with broken legs. Fortunately, a couple picked him up and got him the medical treatment he needed. From there, the vet took him home with her where he could rebuild his strength and his legs could heal. Once he was good to be on his legs again he was taken to Paws animal rescue for adoption. Ulla adopted him in 2012. He was approximately 2 years old.

Melody was also taken to Paws in 2012 along with her brother, Parker (not shown in photos). They were only about 1 year of age and were extremely shy. They were given up young because they weren’t good enough to race. Melody came home to Sweden in September of 2012 and Parker went to a home in Italy.

Yazz was scheduled to be put to sleep at the age of two because he was no good for racing. Fortunately, fate stepped in that day and staff from the rescue were their picking up dogs that were at risk of being put to sleep. They couldn’t leave Yazz behind and they contacted Ulla the same day. A few weeks later in 2013 he arrived to his new home in Sweden.

Meja was five years old when a farmer found her hiding out on his farm. He called the local rescue and they came to pick her up. She was an ex-race dog, previously owned by a syndicate. She completed about 20 races, but what happened between the time she stopped racing and when the farmer found her will remain a mystery. She ended up on Ulla’s sofa in September of 2014.

Panther was surrendered by his owner because he was no good for racing. He is a very timid dog and extremely afraid of human contact. When Ulla rescued him he was so afraid that he wanted to escape and tried jumping her 8 foot fence. He spent 1.5 years at the rescue. Apparently black scared Greyhounds are not a first choice in adoption. Ulla first met Panther in the Spring of 2015 and when she visited the rescue again in March of 2016 she couldn’t leave without him. He’s come a long way since then. He’s still timid with strangers but is a very happy boy living in Sweden now.

To learn more about Greyhound adoption check out The Greyhound Project.

Teryn Grey Sweden Greyhounds

Photo by Eva Quirbach

Teryn Grey Sweden Greyhounds

Photo by Eva Quirbach

Greyhound Rescue


Know of any wonderful Greyhound rescue groups, or are you interested in your own Greyhound adoption? Let us know! We look forward to collaborating with all Greyhound lovers.

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Photo by Eva Quirbach

Teryn Grey Sweden Greyhounds

Photo by Eva Quirbach


Did you happen to notice the crazy huge city door? I’m still trying to figure out how you open it.

Yes, the chocolates in the candy store were mouthwatering!

No, I did not feed the dog chocolate.

No, I did not embarrass myself by attempting to ride the vespa.

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Post Credits

Photography: Eva Quirbach
Hair and Makeup: Johanna Persson
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

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  1. So happy to see the beautiful greyhounds in the pictures. Also glad you mentioned the unspeakable abuse the Galgo’s endure after the hunters have no use for them.
    I often wonder why more photographers use Greyhounds in their ads.
    The greyhounds are so elegant and regal, and so photogenic.
    Thank you again for these beautiful pictures.

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