Teryn Grey visits Clare Greyhound Sanctuary Ireland

Photo by Eva Quirbach


By Tara | Clare, Ireland

Come rain or shine…

It was a rainy Tuesday morning as we drove up to the small, homey, privately run Clare Greyhound Sanctuary. We were met by several enthusiastic and highly spirited greys of all colors. That morning we were on our way to Quin Abbey to take a few photos. We took two of our four-legged friends with us: Donal and Eoin.



Donal is a two-year-old brown who came straight from a breeder in Northern Ireland because he just wasn’t interested in racing.


Eoin is a brindle three-year-old who came with his brother when they retired from a very successful coursing career.

We are so happy to share that both have recently moved to Italy where they have found their forever homes!

Tara Cummins with greyhounds at Quin Abbey Ireland

Photo by Eva Quirbach

Tara Cummins with greyhound in Ireland

Photo by Eva Quirbach

Thanks to Petra at Clare Greyhound Sanctuary we were able to team up with another pair of elegant brindles that met us at the Cliffs of Moher with their adoptive parents. All our greyhounds from every continent have been excellent models, however, this boy and girl duo have certainly been the most elegant Greys TG has shot with thus far.


Rowan is seven years old. He was a very successful coursing dog but retired in 2015 after an injury. he was brought to Petra at Clare Greyhound Sanctuary where he was adopted into his forever home. Shortly after being adopted Rowan became a therapy dog. He was assessed and approved by a national charity and for the last three years has visited a local nursing home and hospice where he spends time with the residents.


Sadbh (pronounced “Sive”) has a similar history. She was an accomplished courser and track racer. She is four years old and accompanies Rowan on his therapy visits. Unlike her very calm brother, Sadbh is the inquisitive one. She’ll stick her nose right in your face!

Tara Cummins with greyhounds at the Cliffs of Moher Ireland

Photo by Eva Quirbach

Tara Cummins with greyhound in Ireland

Photo by Eva Quirbach

There are many ways you can help the Clare Greyhound Sanctuary. They are a most worthy organization and extremely grateful for each and every donation because they all make a difference. I encourage you to visit their website! http://www.claregreyhoundsanctuary.com/  

See more of Rowan and Sadbh by visitng our post, 5 Coats We’re Loving For Fall.

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