By Tara | Falmouth, Cornwall

“Glamorous and sleek!”

Today, we’re introducing you to two beautiful greyhounds: Luna and Pixie. They are our Spring 2019 cover dogs and you’ll definitely be seeing more of them around here.

These black beauties are glamorous and sleek! We were especially thrilled to feature them on Teryn Grey this month specifically because of their color. Did you know that there are superstitions around black dogs? Black greyhounds are the most difficult to find homes for. Perhaps it’s because their black coat is often dull and scruffy in the kennels or it ties back to ancient history when black was associated with evil. Some even say it’s because they simply don’t photograph well. Personally, we’d have to disagree with that statement because we think they look gorgeous in our photos. Wouldn’t you agree?

Tara Cummins with two black greyhounds in Cornwall

Photo by Olivia Bossert

Two beautiful black greyhounds

Photo by Olivia Bossert

Tara Cummins with two beautiful black greyhounds

Photo by Olivia Bossert


Both Luna and Pixie are ex-racers and were adopted from Russet Greyhound Sanctuary in Cornwall. Since leaving the tracks, they enjoy a life of leisure in Bude, Cornwall where they are most likely snoozing on the sofa or playing on the beach. Here are some of their details.

4 years old
Adopted 15 months ago
Raced 35 races in Ireland
Racing name was “Crossfield Coco”

5 years old
Adopted 9 months ago
Raced 68 races in England
Racing name was “She’s The One”

Tara Cummins with two beautiful black greyhounds

Photo by Olivia Bossert

Tara Cummins with two beautiful black Greyhounds

Photo by Olivia Bossert

Tara Cummins with sweet black greyhound

Photo by Olivia Bossert


The Russet Greyhound Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization that has been rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming greyhounds for the past 11 years. As most newly adoptable greyhounds have never experienced life outside a kennel, many aren’t familiar with everyday sights and sounds. The Russet Greyhound Sanctuary offers the hounds a comfortable and nurturing environment until they find them forever homes. They also just hit a major milestone – celebrating 1,000 greyhounds homed!

Check out their available hounds and learn more about the adoption process here.

Greyhound Rescue


Know of any wonderful Greyhound rescue groups, or are you interested in your own Greyhound adoption? Let us know! We look forward to collaborating with all Greyhound lovers.

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Post Credits

Greyhounds: Russet Greyhound Sanctuary
Photography: Olivia Bossert 
Location: Falmouth, Cornwall

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