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By Tara | Santa Barbara, CA

“It’s all about layers!”

Founder, Tara Cummins, shares her American Riviera packing guide.

Santa Barbara has some amazing weather, making it one of the best travel destinations. From the affluent city steps to the pristine coastlines, you may feel as if you are actually on the Mediterranean. After all, there’s a reason why it was named the American Riviera.

Like any trip, weather plays a key role in the packing process. Luckily, Santa Barbara’s weather is temperate all year round, but don’t let that fool you. It can still get quite chilly when the marine layer rolls in. And when visiting in the Summer, be aware of the notorious June gloom.


Photo by Kristen Beinke


Photo by Kristen Beinke

While you can certainly get away with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, Santa Barbara is no stranger to the luxury lifestyle. I like to border on the side of casual sophistication. Opt for pieces that are versatile and comfortable. Most importantly, ALWAYS pack in layers. Here are my top picks through the months.


Spring is a very nice time to visit Santa Barbara. It’s the time of year that we start to see more tourists, especially as Summer approaches. The weather during this time of year can be a bit unpredictable. It’s usually on the cooler side. Many visitors are also unaware of the thick marine layer that’s known to blanket the coast. Locals refer to this as May Gray and June Gloom. Don’t worry, it usually burns off throughout the day.


Although almost every day is a beach day here, there’s something special about Summer. This is my favorite time to catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation, taking advantage of the resort life Santa Barbara has to offer. Pack those bathing suits and maxi dresses because you’ll be spending a lot of time by the water. Bask in the heat and enjoy the gentle sea breezes.


Photo by Kristen Beinke


Photo by Kristen Beinke


Fall may just be my favorite time in Santa Barbara! The weather is still very comfortable and the crowds are gone. While the change in seasons may not be as present as they are on the East Coast, that doesn’t stop us from embracing chunky knits and earthy tones. The warm Santa Ana winds also occur during this time of year, which can certainly bring on the heat!


Temperatures certainly drop during the Winter months, but it’s never uncomfortable. Although the mornings may be quite chilly, don’t be surprised if the day heats up. Santa Barbra weather can shift quickly at times. Remember, it’s all about layers!


Photo by Kristen Beinke


Photo by Kristen Beinke

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Photography: Kristen Beinke
Location: Santa Barbara, CA

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